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Of all the sewing machines we work on, the Singer family of machines are our favorites and the Featherweight and Singer 301 are the ones that are enjoyed  the most. When we service or repair your machine, we not only clean and oil but we also wax the body of the machine to get the best shine the machine can have. Also with each service we take the case and go through it and if any of the outer material is loose,we re-glue it back. After all work is done, we do a sew off on a swatch and test the machine for sewing. This is left with the customer.

Please note,we service and clean most sewing machines, and some Quilt machines but since most machines to repair require a service manual,in some cases, there are none available, but we will look at the machine in case its a problem we have seen with others we have fixed. Please note that we can't list all the parts we have available, so if you don't see it call us at 828-524-6100 or email us.

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We Have lots of No Longer Available Parts (Especially Electrolux),give us a call or email with your request.